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8500 years of history, capital of 3 great empires, population of 15.1 million, 8th most visited city, World’s Leading Congress Destination, 2010 European Capital of Culture, 2012 European Capital of Sport, connecting 2 continents – Europe and Asia, 78 public and private museums, 114 shopping malls, 5 imperial palaces, dozens of summer palaces and mansions, 4 historic bazaars, 56 universities, 4 seasons throughout the year

You can Experience

A wide range of historic places from Ottoman Palace’s to cisterns, from modern facilities to mansions on Bosphorus shores, Istanbul awaits you with unique venues to meet a fusion of diverse cultures and a wonderful cuisine of the East and the West. Whether a gala dinner or a social event, for any programme you may conduct, Istanbul is ready for you with a promise of an unforgettable experience for your events and congresses.


Turkey; Thanks to the reforms and improvements it has made in the field of health care in the last decade, it is ready to receive the deserved share of the world health tourism market. Middle East and geographical position as Europe, the Balkans and Africa in the middle of Turkey, it is well-trained physicians and health professionals to have, ease of transportation, 62 due to visa-free travel possibilities and high medical technologies the country is well positioned to be the leading countries in health tourism. We have much greater advantages, especially in the countries where we have historical and cultural ties.

Picasso Dental Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic offers you high quality treatment organizations to ensure you receive treatment in the most preferred dental clinic in Europe.

Picasso Dental also helps patients from all over the world for dental treatments in Istanbul. It allows you to receive these treatments at the highest standards and reasonable prices of our private dental clinic. Istanbul experienced professionals in our clinic and our dentist dental treatments you will receive the expected quality of care from all dentists outside Turkey can be presented in superior quality.

Payment methods

  • When you decide to start treatment, we calculate the cost of your dental treatment in Turkey. The currency used in our clinic is “Turkish Lira”, US Dollar “and“ Euro 
  • We offer ease of payment in installments.



  • Turkish Hamam
  • Free massage relaxation service
  • Free airfare from all over the world
  • Free tourist sightseeing and guide service
  • Free hotel and accommodation
  • istanbul islands, shopping malls, Grand Bazaar, SultanAhmet bazaar, Hagia Sophia tours are completely free
  • Completely free 5 star hotel accommodation ( Green Park Otel İstabul / Pendik)





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We offer free accommodation at a 5-star hotel.


Free V.I.P Transfer Service.


Free Air Transport Service


Relax with our massage service.


Enjoy delicious Turkish cuisine.


Free Turkish Bath Service